Unitron - Won't process $1000+ refund for returned product


I ordered an intercom system from Unitron on 10/6/11 for over $1000. They assured me it would be able to take the place of my old Nutone system.

They charged my account the day I placed the order and shipped it out the next day. I recieved the package on 10/13/11. As it turns out, the wiring in my house is old and while taking out the old system my electrician determined the new system would not work with the old wiring (some of the wiring was not functional). On 11/1/11 I requested a return authorization.

On the website it clearly states a 30 day return policy, with a 20% restocking fee. When I called to get a return authorization, they refused to give me authorization to return the product. They kept insisting that I had tried to install the product, which I assured them many times was NOT the case. After I contacted the original manufacturer of the equipment and snet many emails & made MANY phone calls to Unitron (two of which they HUNG UP ON ME!), they FINALLY told me I could return the product, but if they determined that I had tried to install it, they would sue me for fraud in small claims court --- this was in an email from the owner of the company!

What in the world???? I returned the product, Unitron recieved it on 11/9/11, then sent it to the original manufacturer who determined that it HAD NOT been installed, which is what I told them all along. Finally I would get my refund, right? WRONG.

Many emails later, with them telling me they needed authorization from their "accountant" to process the refund, they finally agreed to refund my account on Dec. 16, telling me they would process the refund on Dec. 19. Well, today is January 6 and still no refund.

I have ended up disputing the charge with my credit card company. Long story short --- DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

Unitron - Hearing aide repair

Not resolved

Has anyone else have problems with the connectors on a Unitron Latitiude? I have 2 and the connectors are giving me so many problems.

They have been sent out for "repairs" they work for about a week and then they go out again. These hearing aide are expensive and I should not be having this many problems with them. I get a loaner every time they are sent out. It usually takes about a week to get them back.

Like I said, a week or so after I get them, the connectors go out.

Sometimes they work for a few hours, other times less than one minute. I have been without hearing all weekend

Monetary Loss: $3.

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